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Is Your Backpack Causing Unnecessary Back Pain?

Small Topic but we have to have think on it and do further to minimize it...

Backpacks are one of the most practical ways for children, teenagers (and even adults) to lug around all of their daily items. Especially for school, backpacks are the best way to transport books, binders, pencil boxes and lunches. Compared with shoulder bags, messenger bags or purses, backpacks are the wiser option because the strong muscles of the back and the abdomen help support the weight of the pack. When worn correctly, the weight is evenly distributed across the shoulders and the back, reducing the risk of shoulder or neck strain that can sometimes result from carrying a purse or any other bag on just one side of the body. However, if worn incorrectly or filled with too much weight, backpacks can be a significant cause of back pain and muscle strain. But don't give them a failing grade just yet. Understand the risks faced by improper backpack use and what other dangers you may have heard that are pure fiction, plus some tips on what you can use to ensure the backpack is appropriately worn – and to earn an A this coming school year by protecting your child, or yourself, from unnecessary back pain.

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